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Great writing helps you be seen as capable and important.

Great writing helps you express yourself clearly and creatively.

Great writing exists so you can make a strong impression when you’re talking about your mission and business.

Great writing is about you standing out.

Great writing is a step into your future.


Ahoy, cool human reading this.

I’m Priscilla, a freelance copywriter and content producer based in Singapore.

When I was 19, I ditched my molecular biotechnology studies for the written word. It was out of character, but one of the smartest moves I made in my career.

While most of my mates were studying their butt off in college, I was getting my feet wet in the writing business at a local travel startup. I had written two articles (and was paid only $14), but realisation hit me like a bag of confetti – I was in it for the long haul.

According to my phone age detector, this is what a 53-year-old male looks like.

My writing life then evolved into something much more. Creative block and deadlines were only the beginning. My one-woman writing business became a test of grit, resilience, and the thickness of my skin. Yep, totally borrowed that last bit. You got me.

I’m always looking for cool projects that make people tick. If you have an idea tap dancing in your head (or just want to say howdy-doo), give me a holler! I’m all ears.

A pocket-sized reintro:

My name is Priscilla.

I help startups and entrepreneurs add a human touch to their vision, strengthen their brand identity, and tell their stories to the world.



Ad copies


Landing page

Web content



I’m pretty new at copywriting, so I’m offering an introductory rate!

Online & Print

Blog posts


Feature articles

Content articles



People’s stories


Email series



Customer success stories/case studies

School pledge (really)


Jacky Yap, Vulcan Post General Manager

“Fast, responsive, reliable.”

A kind reader

“You eloquently described what, all my life, I never could. For all the people who read it and have felt like they’re the only ones in the world trying to cope, you’ve let them know they are not alone.”

Li Yen, The Epoch Times Journalist

“I’m amazed by her vigorous and epigrammatic style.”

Jenn Granneman, Introvert Dear Founder

“Readers really connected with what Priscilla wrote. Her article was a hit! It got a lot of positive comments on Facebook and on the article itself. I’d love to have her write again.”

Louis Viallet, Soundsgood CMO and Co-founder

“I was impressed with Priscilla’s outstanding commitment over the months, and of course, her kindness. Priscilla would be a true asset for any positions requiring creativity and writing skills. She comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”


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 Let’s make the world more extraordinary. A heart full of thanks for stopping by!

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